Terry Redding et al

Extremely brief holiday comments from the family, scratchily recorded. Yes, I am really related to these people.

Virginia Gone but not forgotten, the lovely spirit of sounthern gentility; mother of John.
Michael There are no known recordings on the planet of the voice of this individual, the oldest sibling. Rumors of his existence spark numerous urban legends.
Cathey Sister-in-law, mother of Leon. Bearer of great burdens. Voice file to come.
Ann Second oldest sibling, current family matriarch. And we are all better for that.
John Long-suffering brother-in-law to the Redding clan. Usually he just shakes his head and finds a place to nap.
Peggy Middle girl child. The one about whom heads are usually shaken. More of a conceptual human being. Now dearly departed, sorely missed and not forgotten.
Susie Number four child, youngest girl. Don't let appearances fool you. This one has a past.
Robert Brother-in-law, husband of Susan. He's not sure what to make of the whole shebang but he can't escape now.
Tom The baby of the family. 'Nuff said.
Amm Fit to be Thai'd, wife of the youngest sibling. Voice file to come.
Leon Only child of Cathey and Michael. The lad is huge.
David Another one of those who seems bemused by the whole enterprise. Has a good wife, good job and no worries. Does not fit the family norm. Still...
Becky First grand daughter, progeny of Susan and Robert. Made us all uncles and aunts before our time. Lives in Texas (egads).
Nick The man. Brother of Becky and Tiffany, the model middle child.
Tiffany The youngest sibling of Nick and Becky, though certainly not the baby.
John Paul Son of Peggy, quite sensible considering. His rendition of "Gonna Make Love to You Woman" appears lost for the moment.
Wendy The daughter of Peggy. Creative gadfly and woman of mystery. Soundprint forthcoming.