Terry Redding

An eclectic assortment of a typical family. Not that we'd admit that.

Christmas 1960: The four siblings, just before the tumultuous arrival of their final two beloved brothers.
Zoo Experience: The siblings (now there are five) at Lowry Park Zoo, circa 1962. The tiger looks rather hungry in the background.
Siblings 1964: All six in front of the house on Tobacco Road in Lutz, for Easter of 1964 or 65, having been freshly scolded to look happy. Why is that one little kid wearing a Mao suit?
Family Christmas 1967: The whole immediate clan for our first winter in Indiana. I am the cute one.
Family Christmas 2003: Siblings, nieces, nephews, in-laws, outlaws... This is a PowerPoint slideshow; use your arrow keys to advance photos.
Siblings, 2005: All six of us in the summer of 2005, at cousin Jan's beach villa, aging well. Or not.
Darling Cousins: Just a few members of the extended Nicholson Tribe in Ft Wayne.
Generations: A mix of the extended Schortgen clan.