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I have been involved with the web since 1996, so many of my projects have long since bitten the cyberdust. Below are some websites and projects of which I have been a part, some of the older of which still exist in one form or another.

Beta Research Associates This is our corporate website, which I created and maintain. The first version was created in 2006.
Travelbum.net This is my recreational site, to which I dedicate time as it is available. It has been online since 2006.
MA Survey During 2009 I conducted a survey for the American Anthropological Association. I created this special webpage to provide information and updates, and to help disseminate survey findings.
WAPA I have been the webmaster for the Washington Association of Professional Anthropologists since 1998, having designed, developed, and maintained all the site content.
NAPA Bulletin The National Association for the Practice of Anthropology (part of the American Anthropological Association) produces periodic bulletins with information relevant to practicing and applied anthropologists. This bulletin, which I wrote, edited and produced, was said to be the first ever online publication of the AAA. It is now available only through a subscription to AnthroSource.
TOP9.com I was the senior project manager for this site, which had a brief and glorious life until the tech bubble burst at the turn of the millennium. It is no longer online but a summary link is offered at left.
POPTECH My most ambitious undertaking, this site became an informational and resource portal for the POPTECH Project, and served clients (USAID Missions and staff), consultants, and POPTECH staff. In addition, an online library provided public links to over 100 project research reports and documents.

When the POPTECH Project contract was completed, the website ceased to be as a useful entitity.

LTG Associates, Inc. I was the lead developer and editor of this corporate site, although I am no longer associated with it. Many of my content and design ideas remain, though.
Revealing Things I was an intern for the "Revealing Things" project at the Smithsonian Institution, which was their first ever attempt to develop a completely online exhibition.
Media and Anthropology Project No longer in existence, the Media and Anthropology Project (MAP) offered ideas and information for anthropologists and anthropology departments interested in creating better links with their local news media. In addition, a section for the media explained what anthropologists do and why they are a rich resource for relevant information. I launched it during graduate school.