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 TRAVEL Photos: West Africa

Photos from a five-week trip to West Africa in January and February, 2008. The route was Dakar (Senegal) eastward to Tambacounda, hitchhiking with trucks bound for Mali. Then over into eastern Gambia, and back west along the vast Gambia River. Thence south through Senegal again to Ziguinchor. (You may need to look at a map for any of this to make sense.)

Further on south into Guinea Bissau and the Bijagos islands for a week during Carnival, then on east to Guinea for a week in the Fouta Djalon highlands. The highlight was a 12-hour, 38 kilometer hike to the village of Dindefelo in Senegal. It's actually a better option than the horrible road.

After that I spent three days at Senegal's Niokolo Koba National Park, into and out of which I hitchhiked, naturally, before heading back to Dakar.

The Gambia
Guinea Bissau

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