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 TRAVEL Photos: Beluga Quest

Kayaking to see the elusive belugas, the friendly white whales. Friendly, but very shy. The grain elevators of Churchill tower in the back. I bet you can see lots of belugas from up there.
Hudson Bay is particularly lovely on sunny days. A beluga is in the water at center left, resembling a whitecap. Whitecaps in the background are, well, whitecaps.
Where's the bear? There is indeed a polar bear in this photo. It also sort of looks like a whitecap. See a pattern with this whitecap thing? Look along the shore, to right of center.
A lake to the south of Churchill. It's where the locals go to party. Don't blame 'em a bit.
In the water (full drysuit of course), hopeing to swim with the elusive belugas, who never came close.

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