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Headhunting gear in Batad, northern Luzon Island, in the Philippines. Betelnut helps fend off the cold and gives one strength to toss those big spears. 1991

A photo booth headshot taken in Italy for a visa application. Yeah, that was a long, long time ago! 1984

My first ever trip overseas, having just had my camera stolen on a beach in Spain. I am trying to understand the police report. 1982
The Paraguay River and the Aquidaban, a lovely old cargo ship on arrival day in Concepcion. 1995
Hitching somewhere in Austria. Who cares when the sun is out? 1988
The foothills above Cusco in Peru, hanging with the locals. 1995
Local toughs on a small island off the coast of Honduras. 2006
Lunch with the hill tribs in northern Thailand. Don't ask what's in the bowl. 1991
Hitching in the Yucatan. 1999
If you visit Nasca in Peru, home of the famous desert lines, be sure to stop by the cemetery outside of town... 1995
Sunset in New Zealand. 1990

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